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EV Sharing Platform.

EV owners can earn passive income on ZEVO by sharing their EV(s) with long-term renting drivers in this first-of-its-kind net zero sharing platform.
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Guest Experience

Ride with ZEVO

Tired of waiting in long lines and overpaying with traditional car rental companies? With ZEVO, you can book an EV contactless instantly by the hour, day, week, or month.
On Demand Reservation
Only pay for what you need with by-the-hour, daily, weekly, and monthly reservations.
Zero emission
Help your community go zero with ZEVO!
Apple, Android & Web App
Easily gain access to 100s of EVs from your phone.
Host Experience

Host with ZEVO

Reliable earnings
Monetize your EV while not in use. List your EV and go!
Set your sharable hours
Set a schedule that works on your off peek hours.
Get paid instantly
Cash out instantly whenever you want.
The App

How to ZEVO.


Sign Up

As a guest, create an account in seconds
Get on the road to a more sustainable future with just a few simple steps. Download the ZEVO app from the Apple or Google store, input your account details, verify your ID, and you're ready to host or ride!


Find a local EV via your location or entering your zip code
View the selection of available EVs in your area in both a list and map view. Browse through detailed listings to find the perfect car that fits your needs and budget.


Book in advance or on-demand using the ZEVO app
Once you've found the perfect vehicle, simply select your desired rental dates and times. Confirm your reservation and get ready to hit the road! Our seamless process makes it easy to enjoy a sustainable and convenient mobility experience.

Unlock & Drive

Contactless pickup and drop-off
Start your reservation at the pickup location, use your smartphone to unlock the car, then you're ready to go. Enjoy a seamless and secure driving experience with ZEVO, the premier peer-to-peer EV sharing platform.

Movement to zero.

Drive an EV on Demand at ANYTIME!
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