General & Launch

What is car sharing?
Car sharing is a service that allows members to access and rent cars for short periods, without the need to own a vehicle. Members will also be able to host their vehicle on the platform and earn income per trip taken through Zevo.
How long does the registration process take?
We have two 3rd party checks, one is to verify your identity, the second is to validate your driving record through Checkr.  Often the process can take from minutes to a few hours, but the vehicle records check may take up to 2 days depending on your state.
Who is eligible to rent on Zevo?
The minimum required age to rent on Zevo is 20, and you must not have any major driving violations, including alcohol and drug-related incidents in the past 3 years.
How will I receive my code?
Codes will be emailed on a first come first serve basis per each region we launch into. Codes will start being sent in early summer of 2023.
What regions will Zevo be launching in?
Zevo will be initially launching in the Dallas/Fort Worth and Austin Texas metro. This will soon be followed by the Los Angeles and Bay Area of California. We plan on launching in each major metropolitan area in the US by 2025.
How do I sign up as a host on the car sharing platform for EV's?
To sign up as a host, download the app and register on the waitlist expressing your interest as a Host. Once you receive your code, you can choose Host from the registration form and follow the step-by-step instructions to list your vehicle(s). You'll need to provide details about your EV, location, availability, and pricing. Our team will review your submission and notify you when your listing is live.  


What vehicles are eligible for the platform?
We will be accepting all battery electric vehicles (BEVs) in the future, but we are starting with the manufacturers: Tesla, Chevrolet, and Mercedes. Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) will not be allowed.
How do I set the price for my EV rental?
As a host, you have control of the minimum day rate for the platform. Setting your price too low will lower your optimal revenue and setting it too high will bring you less renters each week. We will help with guidance to help you with finding a good competitive rate. Hourly rates and weekend “peak” rates will be auto-generated by Zevo to ensure maximum profitability for your vehicle.  *See video “How to Price your EV” on Zevo's Youtube channel.
What is the process for charging my EV for renters?
Hosts should try and make sure their EV is fully charged before each rental. You can choose to provide a charging cable and instructions on how to use public charging stations, or you can offer access to your home charger if available. Be sure to include charging information in your listing to help renters plan their trips accordingly.  *Can also provide guests with Zevo brochure (Paper or QR Code) and reference “How to Charge” Video on Zevo's Youtube Channel.
How do I manage my EV's availability on the platform?
During the initial beta of the platform, you will only be able to manage availability through giving your car a maximum day count of rental allotment. You can manage this through the app. This will allow you to plan for servicing your car. You will be able to disable your car from being rented whenever the car doesn’t have active bookings to allow for service or personal use.
How does the platform handle vehicle maintenance and potential damages?
As a host, you are responsible for regular maintenance and ensuring your EV is in good working condition as described in TOS(Hyperlink here). However, if your vehicle is damaged during a rental, the claim process will begin and Zevo will intercede on your behalf to have your EV repaired, subject to the terms and conditions of the policy. Make sure to inspect your vehicle and report any damages within 24 hours after the rental period ends.  *See “How to file a claim” on Zevo's Youtube channel.
What if a renter doesn't return my EV on time?
Renters are required to return the EV at the agreed upon time. If they don't, they may be charged additional fees. If you are unable to contact the renter or have concerns about your vehicle, please reach out to our support team for assistance.  *Need phone # and email clarified.

Electric Vehicles

Do I have to charge up the vehicle before I return it?
Since we allow back-to-back rentals of EVs on the platform, it’s best if you charge the vehicle back to the level you received it.
What is the best way to find where I can charge the EV?
If you’re renting a Tesla, Tesla’s navigation system can help you find Superchargers and other charging options along your trip. Otherwise, feel free to use the recommendations found in the vehicle instructions under your Active Trip screen.
What percentages of battery should I charge the EV? And what should I charge it up to?
It is a good idea to maintain your battery level between 20% and 90% for optimal battery health and longevity.  For daily driving, it's common to charge the battery up to 80-90% to maximize range while preserving battery health. If you're planning a long trip, you can charge it to 100% to get the maximum range, but it's not recommended to keep it at 100% for extended periods to avoid battery degradation.  When the battery level gets below 20%, the remaining range might become a concern, depending on your trip distance and the availability of charging stations. It's a good idea to start planning your charging stops when the battery level is around 20-30%.  Keep in mind that Tesla's navigation system can help you find Superchargers and other charging options along your route, so you can plan your charging stops accordingly.


How much does it cost?
Pricing varies by vehicle and will have varying costs whether you’re renting per hour or per day or week.
Is charging cost and insurance included?
Charging costs and insurance are included in the rental cost. Please try and return your EV with the same charge level as when you picked it up.
Can I choose the location where I pick up the car?
We require guests of the platform to reach the vehicles where they are parked. We are a fully contactless platform.
Can I modify or cancel a reservation?
Reservations can be modified and cancelled at any point before the reservation.
Can I take the car on a long trip?
Yes! There is no mileage cap on our rentals, but make sure to plan out your charging needs before the trip. Details on the mileage range of a vehicle before requiring a charge is available on each car’s detail page.
How do I end my reservation and return the car?
To end a reservation, users must return the car to its designated parking spot or area, ensure it's clean and undamaged, and lock it using the app. The app will walk you through steps for documenting the condition of the vehicle.
What should I do if I have an accident or need roadside assistance?
In case of an accident, please follow standard procedures, such as exchanging information with the other party, contacting the police if necessary, and reporting the incident to Zevo through the app or phone. Roadside assistance information is provided in the app.