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Our Story

A Group of EV Enthusiasts on a Mission to Change the World

At Zevo, we're not just building a marketplace; we're shaping a movement. Our dynamic team of over 15 members is a diverse blend of tech innovators, environmental advocates, and electric vehicle aficionados. What unites us is our unwavering commitment to reducing the planet's carbon footprint. From the creative minds crafting the backbone of our platform to the eco-conscious hosts and guests powering our marketplace, we're all steering towards a more sustainable future. Our mission is to offer an efficient ground transportation solution that not only benefits our users but also entices potential investors with a shared vision for a greener world. Join us in driving change, one electric vehicle at a time!

The Driving Force Behind Green Mobility

Zevo's Team

Hebron Sher
Founder & CEO
Diego Netto
Co-Founder & CTO
Cameron Preston
Founding Engineer
Valerie Karpov
Lead Engineer
Domagoj Parlov
EU Engineering Manager
Ashley Woodcock
Chief of Staff
Mihael Fugaj
Lead UX/UI Designer
Kyle Silberstein
Head of Risk
Katarina Pažin
iOS Engineer
Tomislav Horvat
Android Engineer
Garron Weeks
Creative Director
Damir Luketic
Senior Backend Engineer
Gabriel Rubio
Associate Product Manager
Daniel Diaz
Software Engineer