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Ashley Woodcock

Electric Mobility Gets Powered Up as EV Sharing App Zevo Partners with Standard Fleet

In an era where sustainability and efficiency are paramount, the collaboration between Zevo and Standard Fleet comes as a breath of fresh air. Zevo, the world's first peer-to-peer EV sharing app, has joined forces with Standard Fleet, a pioneering fleet management startup. This partnership is not just a mere association but a promise to address significant pain points within the electric vehicle (EV) sharing landscape. Alongside this exciting alliance, both companies are rolling out groundbreaking features, such as Supercharging Invoice automation and automated Tesla access through the Companion app, to enhance user experiences and make sustainable transportation more accessible than ever before.


Solving Pain Points:

1. Supercharging Invoice Automation:
One of the most significant challenges for EV fleet managers has been handling the logistics of EV charging expenses. Zevo and Standard Fleet have jointly introduced an innovative solution—Supercharging Invoice automation. This feature streamlines the process of tracking, calculating, and invoicing supercharging expenses, saving fleet managers time and ensuring accuracy. Now, fleet managers can seamlessly manage their EV charging expenses, contributing to cost-efficiency and better sustainability practices.
2. Automated Tesla Access via Companion App:
Another pain point this partnership solves is eliminating the manual effort it takes to share Tesla app access with renters. Smart phones are like extensions of electric vehicles, packing powerful use cases like phone keys, climate controls, and remote commands. EV phone apps also hold critical information like vehicle location or alerts for when a renter starts accruing idle fees on their charge session. Zevo and Standard Fleet are integrating the scheduling, sharing, revocation, and management of EV guest app access directly into the Zevo app. Automatic guest app access delivers the highest electric rental experience possible and enables opportunities for truly contactless rentals, all while saving hosts time and energy.
3. Enhancing Sustainability:
Beyond addressing pain points, the Zevo-Standard Fleet partnership is at the forefront of driving sustainability. By promoting electric vehicle sharing and efficient fleet management, we are contributing to a cleaner and greener future. The reduction in emissions and reliance on fossil fuels is a significant step towards achieving a sustainable transportation ecosystem.

The partnership between Zevo and Standard Fleet marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of electric vehicle sharing and fleet management. With innovative features like Supercharging Invoice automation and automated Tesla access through the Companion app, we are not only addressing major pain points but also making sustainable transportation more accessible and efficient. Together, we are propelling the world towards a greener future, where EVs and fleet management are more than just transportation solutions—they are a promise of a better tomorrow. Stay tuned for more exciting developments as we continue to lead the charge in sustainable mobility